"Cathy Liska coached me and gave me great guidance in moving my career forward.   During some periods when I was "stuck" in my efforts to move forward, Cathy seemed to always have an approach that helped me get to the next level.  I recommend Cathy highly as a coach, trainer, and someone with a very sharp business and mangerial insight."  Joffrey Long, President, Southwest Bancorp


“Cathy is an exceptional Coach who possesses an in-depth knowledge of the coaching process.   I received my Professional Coaching Certification through Cathy at the Center for Coaching Certification and I fondly refer to Cathy as "the Coaches Coach" because she is such a tremendous resource to the coaching community.  Cathy is approachable, knowledgeable, innovative and resourceful.  I feel confident referring my peers and clients to Cathy because she is an insightful and trustworthy Coach who supports people in achieving life-changing results!”  Dawn Brunn, Learning and Development Consultant, Wells Fargo


“Cathy is a well-prepared coach that allows you to think and reflect on your reality so as to become aware of the things you need to change to be more effective and happy.  She also guides you into the learning process of becoming a coach giving you the fundamentals to build up on your career as coach.”  Maria Lairet, Coordiandora Académica, Valuenet Servicios


“With one simple question, Cathy unlocked my determination to open my own consulting practice.  That direct and insightful question, "What's your passion?", was presented in one of our coaching sessions and it became the flashpoint for making significant changes in my life.  Cathy is an exceptionally skilled coach, intuitively knowing the right question to ask at the right time.  She's also a gifted facilitator and mentor.  Coaching comes naturally to Cathy and she is an outstanding professional role model.”  Lisa Simon, Vice President of Human Resources, Weber Shandwick


“1.  As a mediator in a difficult family court dispute, Cathy handled it with the wisdom of Solomon!  We were able to come to a fair and reasonable solution in record time! 2.  As a life coach, through Cathy's gentle encouragement, and tender leading/coaching, get ALL of my seven books published!  I had been procrastinating for so, so many years ... She is a catalyst for CHANGE!  Change for the better!”  Rev. Dr. George J. Gatgounis, Esquire


“Cathy is an awesome Master Coach.  I met her when I took a coaching certification class from her and then hired her as my personal coach.  Her attention to detail, ability to maintain focus during coaching sessions, in-depth knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge and quick delivery of accurate, extensive notes is truly exceptional.  I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone who needs help getting and staying focused to achieve their career and life goals.”  Pam Nintrup, President, Greater Cincinnati Chapter of American Society for Training and Development


“Cathy blends a uniquely personal approach with a deep coaching expertise and a sincere commitment to the growth and development of her clients, customers and students.  I am pleased to give her my full endorsement.”  David Warne, Director of Training, CommuniCare Health Services


“Cathy is a fabulous coach and teacher.  She moved me into a career that expanded my business from small and not growing to one that is full of  possibilities.  She is able to work to move me forward in any area I need help.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Cathy.”  Suzanne Telintelo, Certified Coach Practitioner, Life Satisfaction Coaching


“Cathy is a dynamic presenter and knowledgeable consultant. She has an exceptional work ethic from beginning to end of a project. She is service-oriented and delightful to work with!”  Lynne, Cagle Cox, Ph.D., Project Coordinator I, University of North Texas


“I first met Cathy while attending her web shop for certification of coaching.  She is truly an expert on coaching and the development of starting your own business. Cathy developes a continual support and professional relationship that keeps on learning which is such a benefit.”  Kathleen Natalie, Founder, Advisor of Program Content, The Creative Job Seekers Group


“Cathy is an energetic goal minded person. She is constantly seeking ways to enhance her services to others. She stands firmly behind her convictions and has set high standards for herself. Those standards translate to her workshops, trainings, and community service work. She delivers all products on time or ahead of schedule.”  Doretha Walker, MPA, Adjunct Instructor, Art Institute of Charleston


“Cathy is a phenomenal coach trainer; I know dozens of life and executive coaches who have been trained by Cathy, and they are all enjoying increased business and professional success as a direct result! I've gone through the training myself and can HIGHLY recommend it!”  Shari Stauch, President, Shark Marketing


“Cathy is the consumate professional. She is well-prepared, has excellent listening abilities which enhance her creative problem-solving.  She has presented twice to our organization, both times were very profitable for corrective courses of action.  Cathy is outstanding in everyway.  I recommend her highly.  I have worked with her in several capacities over the last ten years and admire her directness and spot-on assessements and recommendations.”  Margaret Chalfant, Executive Director, Greater Denton Arts Council


“Cathy has incredible compassion and determination to help others. She is also disciplined, professional, and organized. All of which makes Cathy a great team partner and leader!”  Andrea Parler, Realtor, Buyer Specialist, Chucktown Homes


“Cathy is a detail-oriented individual with an exceptional eye for detail.  Cathy has incredible insight and an extraordinary ability to motivate and guide individuals to reach their goals. Cathy will work hard to help her clients succeed.”  Elizabeth Larkin, Hylander Center Fitness Center Supervisor, Columbia Heights High School


“Cathy is very knowledgeable and has a wonderful understanding of how to effectively work with people. She genuinely cares about others. She is great to work with.”  Larry Wright, RC&D Coordinator, USDA


“Cathy is a detail-oriented consultant who is thorough and efficient from project start to finish.  She is focused and results-driven.”  Ernie Young, Business Associate, Integrity Solutions LLC


“Cathy helped develop a non-profit arts organization that benefits thousands of individuals in the Eufaula, Oklahoma area www.eufaulaareaarts.org.  We could not have done this without Cathy’s insightful directions. Cathy is one of the most intelligent women I have met.  She has a deeply caring personality and down to earth honesty.  It is an honor to recommend Cathy in her endeavors.”  Glenna McBride, Executive Director, Eufaula Area Arts Council


“Cathy teaches our 3-hour job search workshop for women as well as provides one-on-one career coaching. She is exceptionally knowledgable and maintains a high level of enthusiam throughout the workshop. Attendees leave with solid job search skills and, even more importantly, are motivated to implement their new learning. Cathy is a great presenter and her sincerity in wanting to help other women acheive their best shines through.”  Ginger Rosenberg, Marketing & Program Development, Center for Women


“I have been trained by Cathy and she has also coached me one on one.  She is intuitive, knowledgeable and is at the top of her game as a speaker, trainer and coach.  I am likely to work with her again in the future and I would definitely recommend her.”  Tom Milton, President, Prosperity Works, Inc.


“I am a great coach because I've been trained (and coached) by one! Cathy Liska is one of the best trainers in this industry! I have referred numerous clients to her because she's not only great what she does, she shows you how to be great at what you do! That, in my opinion, is the identifying quality of a true leader - someone who can bring out the absolute best in you. Cathy is without question a 'true leader'.”  LaVondilyn Watson, Marketing Strategist & Creator of the Elevator Strategy™


“People have made an impression on my life professionally, but only a select few, such as Cathy Liska, have had a dramatic impact on my professional career. Through coaching and training, Cathy has done more in a few months to further my career than I have done by trial and error over the past 24 months! If professional speaking, training, or coaching is what you need, I highly recommend Cathy Liska as the go to source for results!”  Jeff Compton, Professional Speaker and Author


“Cathy is a tremendous talent.  She is an authentic professional who earns a deep respect from everyone she meets.  She is sharply focused, motivated and determined to create a team in alignment towards the same goals.  Cathy is a fabulous leader and speaker!  She possesses a rare skill that causes her particpants to be comfortable outside of their comfort zone.  Cathy is a dedicated listener to assure she has delivered the promised result to her clients.  She is constantly searching for a better way for her knowledge and wisdom to empower others and make the world a better place.   She is a leader in every sense of the word.”  Melissa Guggisberg, Sales & Marketing Manager


“Cathy is an intelligent, dynamic presenter and really knows her stuff.  She is detail-oriented, as well as task-oriented.  She is also a natural leader.”  Barbara Melton, LPC, Counseling Associates


“Working with Cathy you will understand why she is known as the best in her field.  Her commitment to people and education shows in her passion for helping and her many accomplishments are recognicition of her lifeling motivation to be leader in her community.  You can always expect the best when working with Cathy!”  Theresa  Furzland, Management, Closing, Training, Owner, and Consulting, Mortgage Consulting Services


“Cathy is a focused, results driven, top performer.  She strives to provide her clients with top-notch coaching and training.  Her clients always sing her praises!”  Jaime Swindell, Lifestyle Marketing Expert


“Cathy is one of the most intentional and effective trainers I have ever worked with.  Her straightforward and honest approach to enlightening her seminar attendees has proven time and time again to be life changing.  She is a true professional.”  Wayne Calvin Byrd, II, President of the Byrd Group


“Cathy is an excellent trainer, facilitator and speaker. I have had the opportunity to both work with her and observe her in her work and I have been impressed with her ability to connect with her clients and deliver valuable and useful advice. She has a keen sense of what her clients needs are and how to resolve them. Cathy is an asset and I highly recommend her work.”  Evan Glassett, Leadership Consultant and Coach at Saudi Electricity Company


“Cathy has helped me with my coaching business beyond anything I could have thought possible.”  Shawn A. Huber, Owner, Structured Freedom


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