About our Coaches

Cathy’s keen insight and understanding, developed intentionally, serve you reaching your highest level.  A dynamic entrepreneur, Cathy has owned and operated successful businesses for over 20 years and has earned multiple professional designations, including Certified Master Coach and Trainer.  Cathy’s empowering style will inspire you to your highest level.


Frank taps 18 years of professional human resources experience and 20 years as a CEO to focus on improving individual and group performance.  His goal-oriented coaching style and commitment to ongoing and multi-faceted assessments will help you develop strategies for moving forward toward your goals.


Bob’s background as an executive, entrepreneur, and educator serves his clients well because he understands many challenges and what it takes to overcome them.  Bob is a Certified Coach specializing in career, transition and leadership.  His experiences make him a key resource for maximizing human potential and enhancing economic success.


Debbie offers a unique frame of reference as a Coach due to her varied experience as a Fortune 500 sales and management executive, an e-commerce entrepreneur, and a sales consultant.  She’ll show you how having the "right conversation with the right person at the right time” can enhance your success.


Dorothy began her journey working with Fortune 500 companies focusing on talent management, personal development, and employee growth and engagement.  Now, as an Executive Coach with numerous certifications in assessment tools and learning solutions, Dorothy’s expertise serves professionals who are at a crossroads in their life or career.


Paul has over 15 years of experience in corporate America sales, account management, training, coaching, and developing effective broker alliances.  As a coach, Paul provides support, perspective, accountability and motivation during the discovery process. Through this strategic relationship clients identify clear goals and take action, creating positive momentum and success.


Paula is a career human resources professional and Certified Coach.  She trains managers, coaches individuals, and consults with client firms to design and implement internal coaching and performance improvement programs.  Paula supports clients to identify their best performance and build options for future success and happiness.


Helene has over 30 years of business experience specializing in leadership, facilitating, and coaching.  Working as an Independent Consultant since 1993, she specializes in leadership skills, team building, and executive coaching, and has worked with over 2,000 clients across a variety of industries.


John is a Keynote Speaker, Trainer, and Professional Coach with over 20 years experience in human resources and training as an Executive Director and President impacting thousands of lives. John’s mission is to coach others to develop and unleash their talents for higher productivity and greater personal satisfaction.


Marci is a Communications Consultant with over 20 years of success and expertise as a Life Strategist Coach, Media Image Consultant, Online Recruiter, and Internet Sales and Marketing Professional.  Strong interpersonal skills and a proven ability to work with people from diverse fields make Marci a coach that gets results.


A Certified Coach with a B.A. in Education and over 20 years experience in learning and development, Sue’s favorite creeds is, "What ultimately shapes our lives are the questions we ask, fail to ask, or never dream of asking."  Her mission is to guide, motivate, and lead people positively.


Maria has over 20 years experience coaching and advising individuals and organizations in transition, leadership, and performance development.  Maria provides business-based coaching that enables managers and leaders to solve complex challenges quickly, and create pragmatic outcomes that meet the needs of both the individual and organizations.


A Certified Coach, with an MEd in Adult Education, and 15 years in the learning and development arena, Dawn is sought out for leadership development, career/life transition, and life balance coaching.  She has a proven track record of supporting clients through the process of major life transitions and has been recognized for supporting clients in goal attainment.


Patsy is the founder of an image development company and the co-author of a professional image manual.  She specializes in a consultative-coaching approach for high potential executives.  You will benefit from her focus on congruency in communication, self-awareness, confidence, and leadership charisma.


Donald offers over 15 years of broad-based experience in corporate America and the perspective of his multi-faceted and unique experiences.  He empowers you to cut through the clutter, clearly see where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there, in a focused, no-nonsense manner.


A former CEO of a manufacturing corporation, Diane is a Career and Leadership Development Consultant with over 25 years of experience.  Her authentic approach and uncanny ability to see solutions in the midst of chaos and inspire action allows her to create breakthrough scenarios for her clients.

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